Missaukee Humane Society Takes in Dogs from Man Who Died, Including Two Who are Blind

On Sunday, March 29, 2015, the Missaukee Humane Society went to Norwich Township to rescue the dogs of a man who had died. Missaukee County doesn’t have an animal control officer or vehicles to transport animals so it was up to Shelter Manager Kyle Musselman at he Missaukee Humane Society to provide a personal vehicle on his day off to do what needed be done. With the help of a Missaukee County Sheriff’s deputy, Musselman went to the shelter to get carriers and leashes and they both went to the man’s residence to pick up the dogs.

Many of the dogs were in rough shape. The dogs rescued that day include…



Jack, a small senior terrier who was blind and terrified and sitting on the front seat of his owners truck. 


Angel, a Plott Hound who was very thin but is gaining weight at MHS and now has an adopter waiting for her.



Lulu, a small Beagle Mix who only weighted and has been gaining weight under the care of the Missaukee Humane Society. Lulu tested positive for heartworm and is receiving treatment.


Stevie is a blind Heeler/Border Collie mix who is also receiving treatment for heartworm.



Bobby is a terrier who is good with dogs and cats and looking for a home.

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, call the shelter if you are interested in these dogs at 231-839-3800. You can also make a donation to help with the care of these dogs at the Paypal link on their website.


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