Toy Clones of Your Pets – Double the Trouble or More to Love?

Pet Company Offers a Stuffed Animal Version of Your Cherished Pet

Photo credit: Cuddle Clones

Photo credit: Cuddle Clones

What could be better gift to yourself than a stuffed toy of your darling dog, comical cat or chatty guinea pig? Even your bird can be “cloned” by Cuddle Clones. This innovative pet company makes adorable and customized stuffed-animal versions of people’s pets. They do this by taking the pet owner’s photo (several are preferred) and having them choose customization options such as eye color, ear position and tail position. They’ve made cats, dogs, horses, pigs, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and more. When asked which pets are the toughest to produce, they said Australian Shepherds and birds create a challenge, but still result in satisfied customers.

Everything is 100% handmade and each unique Cuddle Clone takes about four months to produce. This seems well worth the wait if you have a mini version of your favorite furry family member. Dog and cat Cuddle Clones are between 13 and 17 inches in length, depending on the weight of a pet and its breed. Other custom products include figurines and ornaments. They can also produced life-sized versions of your pet as well.

Why is the idea so popular? Besides ordering a Cuddle Clone while your pet is still around to love, some pet owners have ordered them to remember a furry friend who has passed away – a new way to honor them and give them a hug once in a while.

Jennifer Williams and Rufus

Jennifer Williams and Rufus

Cuddle Clones was started two years ago by Jennifer Williams and Adam Greene who met as MBA students at the University of Louisville. Williams was laying down next to her elderly Great Dane, Rufus, when she thought about how she’d like to have a stuffed animal to remember him by once he passed away. When Rufus died, Williams decided to get serious about her idea in honor of his memory and Cuddle Clones was born.

Williams put all of her money and passion into the company to provide unique, quality products to pet owners. The company also gives back to the community through pet-related causes and animal charities. A portion of the proceeds of each Cuddle Clone is donated to an animal charity.

The Cuddle Clones office is in Louisville, Kentucky and the workshop is located in China. The 100% owned workshop has many talented designers (and staff) who hand make all of the Cuddle Clones. Having the workshop in China provides advantages including being able to offer the product to a larger group of pet owners without having to charge thousands of dollars. Williams traveled to China to set up the workshop herself to make sure everything was just the way she wanted it to be. All workers are Cuddle Clones employees, not vendors.

Izzy working to help make the business a success

Izzy working to help make the business a success

Williams currently has two dogs, Izzy the Intern (a mutt) and Annie, a black Lab. Greene has a mutt named Maddie.

Cuddle Clones has been getting a lot of press recently, including USA Today; the Daily Mail and the New York Post. Very soon, the pet population will be doubled all over the planet. However, very responsibly done, these pets will all be spayed and neutered!


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