Michigan State Senate Will Take Up Animal Abuse Legislation

According to Michigan Senator Steve Bieda, the Senate Judiciary Committee reported out SB 28 (Bieda) and SB 29 (Jones), a bipartisan bill package that would address problems with cases that involve a large volume of neglected or cruelly treated animals, as well as address issues of domestic violence cases in which a perpetrator is using threatening or harming a companion animal to further terrorize their human victim in domestic violence cases. The bills passed committee 5-0 and now go to the Senate Floor. These bills are re-introductions of bills that Bieda sponsored last session that passed the Senate 38-0 but died in the House.

These laws would also include breeders and pet shop operators and the really bad offenders who have three or more prior convictions or abuse 25 or more animals would face felony charges under this bill and up to seven years in prison. Many organizations agree that there is a link between domestic violence and animal abuse.

To keep updated on animal legislation in Michigan, you can become a fan of the MI-PACA (Michigan’s Political Action Committee for Animals) Facebook page or Michigan’s Humane Society of the United States page.


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