Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Celebrates Another Record Breaking Year

from their website:

In 2013, Little Traverse Bay Humane Society (LTBHS) had a phenomenal year — their best to date, as they surpassed all of our previous adoption records. They were thrilled when they totaled their year-end numbers to discover they had managed to find homes for 620 animals!

It was hard to believe they would be able to do better than that. They decided to push the envelope anyway — their goal was to adopt out 650 animals in 2014, no matter how lofty that sounded (without adding any additional kennels). They knew this might be a challenge, but it was something they strongly believed could be done.

As it turns out, they were right. In fact, they were more than right — they exceeded their goal by 50 adoptions and ended up finding homes for 700 animals this year! This is a 13-percent increase in adoptions from last year. Their returns were lower, as well, they believe due to the continuation of Mutts With Manners and Ruff to Ready behavioral programs. They are incredibly proud of these numbers and thrilled that they not only reached their goal, but significantly surpassed it!

This is not to say 2014 didn’t come without some challenges. They saw a number of animals come through their doors with medical problems. There was Roxanne, who had a luxating patella which required surgery. And there was Grover, who arrived with patches of fur missing and blistered skin that required medication and special food for treatment. They had a number of dogs arrive who tested positive for heartworm, which is a very time consuming medical issue to treat. They also took in quite a few older animals in 2014 as well. This can be frustrating as everyone typically is looking for cute, little puppy to adopt, which means older animals wait longer for homes.

Perhaps it’s these challenges that make 700 adoptions in 2014 even more special. Regardless of what they face on a daily basis, they promise each animal that they will be cared for and loved until they find the perfect family of their own.

At the end of the day, however, they couldn’t do all of this without their generous community of supporters. LTBHS is extremely proud to break records once again, but just know that YOU are a huge part of this, and should be proud, too!

As we head into 2015, they look forward to another year of lifesaving rescues and fantastic adoptions. Whatever the year brings, LTBHS will continue to provide a warm bed, veterinary care and individual love and attention to every animal as long as they’re here.


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