New Business Dresses up Traverse City Pets in Stylish Bandanas

There’s a new business in Traverse City that will make your dog or cat the talk of the town as they display their swagger around the neighborhood. Pup North is a local company that has designed and printed five screenprinted bandanas right from Traverse City. This high-quality apparel is exclusively for Michigan’s four-legged explores who need to stay one stylish paw ahead of the neighbor dog who is outfitted in holiday costumes, tutus and rhinestone necklaces.

Pup North collection

Pup North will be introducing stickers of their most popular design, the ‘Michigan Paw’ within the next couple weeks. They are also currently sourcing and testing some other products — including tote bags, leashes, dog shirts, and new bandana designs — which they plan to introduce as the summer season approaches.

Co-founders Rachel Tompkins and Lauren Maxwell, both designers at Britten Studios in Traverse City, started the company on November 7th, combining their love of Northern Michigan and pets into a business that no one else has pursued. Their website and online store has gotten a great response from Michiganders all over the state who are looking for Michigan-made holiday gifts for furry friends. Their products can be purchased at Suhm-Thing in downtown Traverse City as well as at their sister store in Birmingham. They have also been selected to be part of’s holiday popup shop.


Helping Tompkins and Maxwell them with their business planning and strategizing are their four-legged assistants. Tompkins has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Barley and Maxwell has two Puggles, Cormac and Maddy. Lauren says that all three are spoiled and seem to love living in Northern Michigan as much as their moms.

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