Roscommon County Animal Shelter Needs Help with Luna’s Surgery


Luna is an Aussie mix who was surrendered to the Roscommon County Animal Shelter this past week. She arrived at the shelter with a limp so she was taken to the vet for x-rays. The nice doctor told the shelter that her leg/elbow had been broken and that she will need surgery. They sent her x-rays to a special bone doctor and he says it has healed crooked and that they don’t believe surgery will correct the problem, so her leg will need to be amputated! It sounds scary but they assured the shelter that it will be okay, and Luna will still be able to run and play like other dogs. The shelter does not have a lot of money to help Luna with her surgery so Luna is hoping that some of you “NICE PEOPLE” out there could send some donations her way to help her! If you can help Luna, please send the donations to the Roscommon County Animal Shelter at 1110 Short Drive, Prudenville, MI 48651 and please put “Luna’s Fund” in the memo so they know that it is for her.


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