Internet Cat Video Festival Coming to Traverse City

Lil BUB. Photo credit: Lil BUB Facebook page.

Lil BUB. Photo credit: Lil BUB Facebook page.

No matter how many cute cat internet videos you watch, sometimes it’s just not enough. The State Theatre in Traverse City has a solution for you – The Internet Cat Video Festival on Wednesday, November 5th at 6 pm. Tickets are $10 and the festival is the first offline celebration of online cat videos. Sponsored by The Animal Planet, the festival is a live event, gathering cat fanatics to watch a curated collection of kitty clips – from six second Vine videos to shorts and everything in between. The movie includes “Cat Rides Sheep,” “Willie Is Better Than Your Cat” (a Traverse City cat star and “The Cat is Sat” which will be introduced by Pet Sitters Network North, a local sponsor of the event. There will be drama, comedy, and, of course, action-adventure to fill up 80 minutes of screen time.

This festival is a special presentation of the Walker Arts Center’s world-renowned touring festival featuring the world’s most beloved and inspiring celebrity feline, Lil BUB. Lil BUB will be making a special guest appearance at the festival. There will also be an exclusive meet and greet with Lil BUB prior to the start of the festival at a special ticket rate.

Marsha Wheaton of Pet Sitters Network North says of their festival sponsorship, “as a group of professional pet sitters who happen to love cats, we felt this was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the joy they bring to our lives through the videos, and the importance of pet adoption and spay/neuter. Lil BUB represents all that is good in animal rescue!”

Lil BUB was the runt of her litter, born to a feral mother. She was born with several genetic mutations and had to be bottle-fed. Due to her appearance and medical issues, she had difficulty being adopted. Then Mike Bridavsky met her, picked her up and said, “Hey, Bub!” to this little dwarf and polycactyl cat.

Lil BUB and dad, Mike. Photo credit: Lil BUB Facebook page.

Lil BUB and dad, Mike. Photo credit: Lil BUB Facebook page.

Her tongue always hangs out because of her short lower jaw and toothlessness. She also takes medicine for a bone disorder called osteopetrosis which causes the bones to harden.

Her pictures were first posted to Tumblr in November of 2011 and took off after being featured on Reddit. Lil BUB’s positive attitude and perserverance are a source of inspiration and she has brought awareness to the need for spaying, neutering, and rescuing and adopting pets. She also starred in “Lil BUB & Friendz,” a documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Lil BUB has over one million Facebook likes; over 20 million YouTube views and has raised over $300,00 for animal charities.

100% of the proceeds from the night will benefit the Cherryland Humane Society and the Lil BUB Big Fund for the ASPCA. The fund raises money to help special needs cats all over the country. All funds collected for the fund will be distributed as grants to organizations to support cats that need special care or extra help getting adopted due to conditions such as physical deformities, birth defects, blindness, deafness, wounds from accidents or abuse, old age and more.

To purchase tickets, click here and pull down the menu for the correct date for Wednesday, November 5th. You can also call the State Theatre box office at 231-947-3446.


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