Kitty Connection Deluxe Kit Product Review: 3 PAWS out of 5

three paws

I was contacted by Innovation Pet and asked I’d be interested in receiving any products to review. Of the two products offered, I chose to have them send me the Kitty Connection Deluxe Kit for kitty testing purposes.

Although my cats don’t have front claws, I thought this product would interest them because of all the toys that are attached to it. Although there were several parts to put together, it was pretty easy and I didn’t even need to read the directions. After about five minutes of assembly (with cat supervison), Ali approached the product first. I was surprised she was the first to approach the product because my other cat, Neelix, is usually the one who is interested in new things that have been brought into the house.

ali and mouse toys

Ali went to the mouse toys first and then moved around the entire stand. After Neelix saw Ali playing with the attached toys, he came over to check things out. In all, they spent about five minutes exploring the new cat product in the house, which is pretty good for their attention span. They are very picky about toys, treats and foods and get bored easily and look for the next best thing.

This is the full product when set up

This is the full product when set up

nee and toy

ali and toy

Because I think the product would be better appreciated by cats who have front claws and can use the scratching parts of the product, I will be donating this to a local animal rescue group.



One thought on “Kitty Connection Deluxe Kit Product Review: 3 PAWS out of 5

  1. Lee McDade December 2, 2014 at 6:22 pm Reply

    I had made the same purchase at a large pet specialtystore, after trying to get the toys back from my cats. As I was putting the parts together. I attached them to the pillars and the cats are playing non stop.

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