HSUS Michigan Legislative Update…

On September 30, SB 990 to allow for the adoption of dogs seized from Michigan dogfighting operations passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by a unanimous vote, and now heads to the Senate floor. The HSUS provided testimony in support of the bill, as did HSUS District Leader and Animal Rescue Volunteer Bonnie Charles (pictured here), who described her work with our Dogfighting Rescue Coalition and the dogs rescued from two dogfighting operations in Kalamazoo in 2012.

Grant’s Bill, SB 354 to end gas chamber use in Michigan shelters is still sitting in the House Committee on Local Government. If your Representative is a member of that committee (which includes Reps. Amanda Price, Dave Pagel, Kevin Daley, Ray Franz, Peter Pettalia, Pat Somerville, Bruce Rendon, Joseph Graves, Woodrow Stanley, Brian Banks, Alberta Talabi, and Robert Kosowski) please call her or his office to politely request that they support SB 354 when it is heard again in their committee. You can find your Representatives and their contact info at http://house.mi.gov/MHRPublic/, and more info about Grant’s Bill is at http://michigandersforshelterpets.org/grants-bill/.



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