Leelanau County Rescues Dog from Drain

Leelanau County Dispatch received a call from a Kentucky woman Tuesday at 9:11am that her Labradoodle had fallen into a well on W Whisperwood Dr. near N Scott Hill Road in Suttons Bay.

Suttons Bay/ Bingham Fire Department and Leelanau Animal Control responded to find the 60 pound dog 10-12 ft. down a drain system pipe that was part of the subdivision drainage system. The cover for the 2 1/2 ft. pipe had been removed, possibly by thieves wanting the metal for scrap.

Firefighters were able to secure a life jacket and a rescue line around the dog and hoisted it up to safety where it was reunited with its owner. The dog had a small laceration on its rear leg which the owner was going to have checked with a local veterinarian.

The owner said she was walking the dog on a leash and took the leash off to let the dog run. She said the dog wandered off out of sight and she then heard the splash of the dog hitting the water at the bottom of the drain pipe. She was given a warning for having her dog off leash.


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