Roscommon County Animal Shelter Rescues 68 Cats from Hoarding Situation

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Roscommon County Animal Shelter’s Emergency Outbuilding has become “Cat World” offering Comfort & Care for the 68 cats and kittens rescued from a recent hoarding situation in a Houghton Lake home.

A similar amount of cats were removed from the home two years ago but the man at the house continued to find cats and without spaying and neutering, they reproduced. Although the cats were fed, they were not well taken care of medically, many of them having intestinal parasites and fleas. Neighbors think that over the years the man could be responsible for as many as 300 cats.


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The cats are under veterinarian care, most are receiving medicines twice a day and spay and neutering have began. The Roscommon County Animal Shelter thanks everyone for their generous donations of food, litter, treats and monetary donations. Cash donations are still needed as the unexpected medical care has over-extended the shelter’s budget. These neglected cats are all colors, shapes and sizes and range from three weeks old to 14 years old. If you are looking for a cat to adopt or can offer any assistance with this situation, please email them at or or call the shelter at 989-366-0260.

You can donate items through their Amazon Wish list here. kitty and white sleeping

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