Michigan Pet Legislation Update

Grant’s Bill – Ending Gas Chamber Use in Michigan Shelters 


The Michigan legislature will come back from its summer break on September 9, then it will have only a few months to pass Grant’s Bill, SB 354 to end gas chamber use in Michigan shelters, before the session ends in December. This bill has already passed the Senate unanimously, but it is now sitting in the House Committee on Local Government. So if your Representative is a member of that committee (which includes Reps. Amanda Price, Dave Pagel, Kevin Daley, Ray Franz, Peter Pettalia, Pat Somerville, Bruce Rendon, Joseph Graves, Woodrow Stanley, Brian Banks, Alberta Talabi, and Robert Kosowski) please call her or his office to politely request that they support SB 354 when it is heard again in their committee. You can find your Representatives and their contact info here and you can read and more info about Grant’s Bill here.

Logan’s Law Passes Michigan House of Representatives, Moves on to the Senate

Please read about this law here and how you can help it move forward.

Help Save Pets Used in Dog Fighting

Currently, Michigan is one of only 13 states that automatically doom dogs rescued from animal fighters. A humane bill (SB 990) being introduced by Senators Pappageorge, Brandenburg, Colbeck and Hune will save lives by requiring individual evaluation for dogs who have been victims of such cruelty. In essence, the bill allows for the owning, adopting and transferring of a dog seized in a fight bust, if the dog or puppy is fit for placement. Canine victims of cruelty should not automatically be condemned for the crimes of their owners.  Every dog is an individual and should be judged by his or her behavior. This humane bill would also require agencies taking custody of fight-bust animals to give notice to the dogs’ owner and require that the owner post a security deposit to cover the cost of the dogs’ care. Politics is not a spectator sport. Please click here to take action and send a letter today asking your state representative and state senator to support this important legislation. For more on this story, click here.



2 thoughts on “Michigan Pet Legislation Update

  1. Cathy Connolly August 4, 2014 at 6:37 am Reply

    Reblogged this on If I Should Die Before My Pets and commented:
    We are so thankful that Michigan is taking action on these important animal issues.
    Included are links for you to contact your representatives and state senators so you can call them and ask them to please support these bills.

  2. Cathy Connolly August 4, 2014 at 6:39 am Reply

    Thank you for doing such a great job keeping us updated on such important issues! I am reblogging to help spread the word!

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