The Pet Crisis Center in Bellaire Celebrates Four Years of Helping Pets in Antrim County

pet crisis pic

by Heather Knust, President, With a Little Help From My Friends, Inc.

As With a Little Help From My Friends’ Pet Crisis Center begins its 4th year its’ clear the center has made an impression on the community. The animals that have passed through these doors have not only stole the hearts of the volunteers but their adopters as well. For many of these animals the center is their last chance at finding a loving home.

Some pets arrive at the center after a tragedy, Panda the cat was one of those. After his owner died Panda was dropped off at the county animal control. Scared and still mourning the loss of his owner Panda arrived at the center to recover and start over. After just a few short months a couple saw Panda online and knew it was a match. Now, he enjoys life at his Torch Lake home complete with pontoon boat rides and sunsets on the deck with a loving family.

In 2012 we hired the center’s first part time staff, a Center Coordinator. In June 2013 we were able to move that position into full time. The center has grown to such capacity that the only way it can run efficiently is to have staff. The volunteers and the board are the back bone of WaLHFMF but keeping the center running is a full time job. It’s important to guarantee that someone will be at the center with the animals, answering phone calls, emails, taking the dogs and cats to the veterinarian, keeping records, and organizing the volunteer schedule.

Grants are wonderful and they help with veterinary cost and other important parts of the center. Operations are a difficult thing to find grant funding for however a true necessity to any successful nonprofit. This is where we need your help. It takes $30,000 a year which includes the payroll taxes to keep the center coordinator position which keeps the center running smoothly. Please consider a donation so WaLHFMF’s Pet Crisis Center can continue help find loving homes like Panda’s for these amazing pets. WaLHFMF works on donations without county, state or federal funding.

Thank you for considering a donation, they can be made through our website or mailed to the address below,

With a Little Help From My Friends, Inc.

3820 Ritt Road

Bellaire, MI 49615




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