The Great American Doggie Sit-In World Record Attempt

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2014: This event has been cancelled and will take place next May due to difficulties getting a non-profit status approved for sponsors.

From the Traverse Ticker

What sits, stays and has 2,600 legs, give or take? Perhaps another Guinness world record for Traverse City. Local dog trainer Sam Jones and training partner Jennifer Loup are in the early stages of organizing an event to break the world record for number of dogs sitting simultaneously for 30 seconds. The honor belongs to a group in England, a 2005 record with 627 dogs in a simultaneous “stay. While it might be a record only a dog trainer could get really excited about – a field of dogs all obeying one command at the same time – Jones thinks a community as “dog crazy” as Traverse City might find the chance at a world record fun, too … and for a good cause. The Great American Doggie Sit-In is slated for Saturday, October 11. Jones is submitting an application to the city for use of the Open Space for the record-breaking attempt. Click here for more information on the event.


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