Genesee County Residents Voting to Save Pets in Primary Election on August 5th

photo credit: GRACE Facebook page

photo credit: GRACE Facebook page

According to GRACE (GENESEE Residents for Animal Control Evolution) voting on August 5th is the most important thing you can do for the animals. The results could change everything. GRACE is a group of Genesee residents who are concerned citizens, trying to make changes at the shelter and end of the county killing adoptable and treatable cats and dogs. They advocate for the animals and let taxpayers what is going on at the shelter. They report that dogs are sprayed with high pressure hoses in their cages as part of the daily cleaning process.; dogs are held in small cages for weeks without any out of cage time; large numbers of young and healthy pets are killed without any chance at adoption and animals that arrive healthy and happy end up dying or leave severely ill and traumatized.

The good news is that they now have an opportunity to change things and ask Genesee County residents by voting to help the animals. They say that the bad actions at the shelter will not stop until they have at least five County Commissioners who care. 

1) Who are the candidates to support? There is a ton of information on our page about these candidates, but to keep this post short, we are just going to list the district numbers and names. District 1: Bryant Nolden District 3: Jamie Curtis District 4: Don Pfeiffer District 7: Michael Lynch District 9: Fred Rappuhn

2) Why is it important to vote in the Primary Election on August 5th? Because many of the Commissioners will not have any opposition in the November election. Their only race is against someone else in their same party (another Democrat or Republican), and this is the only chance to get the right person elected. If we fail, the animals will suffer for at least another two years.

3) Do a lot of people vote in the Primary Elections? No, they don’t! And that is a really good thing for us. That means that very small numbers of votes will be very meaningful. Your vote on August 5th could very well be the one vote needed to win the race. Pegge Adams won her Primary in 2012 by less than 40 votes!!

4) Can anyone vote in the primary election on August 5th? YES! Michigan has an open Primary. That means if you are registered to vote, you can (and should!) vote on August 5th. But you do have to vote for all one party, meaning you can’t vote for a Democrat in one area and a Republican in another.

5) How do I know where to vote on August 5th? Your voter identification card will list the address for where you will go to vote. If you cannot find your voter identification card, that is no problem at all. You can go to www. vote411 .org and put your address in to find out where to go.

6) Do I need my voter identification card to vote? NO. You just need to be in the right polling location and have your driver’s license with you. Other forms of ID are allowed too, if you don’t have a driver’s license.


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