Logan’s Law Moving Forward in Michigan

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In March of 2012, Logan, A sweet 11 year old Husky, suffered a terrible burn when an unknown person came into his yard, unprovoked, and threw an acid based chemical in his face while Logan was in his kennel. After many weeks, countless prayers, and lots of love, Logan’s wounds steadily healed but the scars remained. On July 9th, 2012 Logan lost his fight to the treatment and side effects of the attack. Logan was very sweet and friendly. He was very easy going and enjoyed playing with other dogs. He was especially close to Jasper, a German Shepherd who was close to his age and who was adopted by the Falk’s just a few months after Logan. They were best friends. You could also find Logan sleeping with one of the cats curled up next to him.

It became the mission of Logan’s family to get an animal abuse registry law passed in the State of Michigan. This Law would make a registry of those convicted of animal abuse, and require all animal shelters to refuse sale or adoption of an animal to anyone on this list. This new Law would me named “Logan’s Law” after their dog. Unfortunately, the person who abused Logan was never caught but for those who are caught, their information would be publicly available to those people seeking out the information, including animal owners who want to know if their neighbors have been involved in animal abuse cases.

Logan’s Law was passed through the House (HB4534, HB4755, HB5061, HB5062 & HB5063) with a 98-12 vote on February 6th. The latest versions of these bills would require that if a person is charged with committing an animal abuse offence, the prosecuting attorney handling the case would have to notify the Michigan State Police of the charge. The MSP would then be required to input that information into the department’s criminal history database for purposes of providing that information through ICHAT to animal control shelters and animal protection shelters. Currently, our law allows MSP to charge a $10.00 fee for processing a criminal record check, however, the new bills would waive that fee if the requestor is an animal control shelter. Further, these bills would prohibit animal shelters from adopting animals to individuals convicted of an animal abuse related crime for at least five years. The changes to these bills allow law enforcement officers and animal control shelters to take advantage of an existing data system, instead of requiring the creation of a new and separate registry.

Logan, after getting burned

Logan, after getting burned

The bills now move onto the Senate for consideration and help is needed to get Logan’s Law passed. Logan is gone, but the fight continues. Help make sure no other animal suffers like Logan. Please use the information below to find out how to contact your state Senator and others who need to hear that you support these bills.

Logan’s owners, Matthew and Nancy Falk of Goodells, Michigan, have never previously been politically active before Logan died. However, after showing Facebook friends what happened to their dog, the story went viral and took a life of its own. Matthew Falk said, “I had no idea what I was getting into. I was never involved in politics but had been working with shelters and rescue for many years.”

The Falk’s had Logan for ten years, rescuing him as a puppy when he was only 10 months old from the Blue Water Area Human Society. He was originally purchased by a couple who did not know the Husky breed and were in a little over their head with a dog who was too much to handle for them. The Falks have had over 15 dogs of various breeds over the past 28 years, including a Husky mix when they first married. They’ve been involved in rescue for many years so they always have a house full of dogs. They currently have five dogs – four German Shepherds named Buck, Dasha, Luke and Baron – and a Husky named Hope. They also have four cats named Deisel, Screamy, Maizie and Taffee.

Please click here to find out more about Logan’s Law.

It’s very important to contact the Senators listed below regarding your support for Logan’s Law. You also need to contact your local State Senator as well and ask them to support Senate Bills 378, 386, 603 & 604. You can also inquire about how much longer it will be before they put Logan’s Law on the Senate agenda to be voted on by the full Senate. You can find your Senator here.

Contact Senator Randy Richardville 

Office E-mail: senrrichardville@senate.mi.gov

Office Phone: 1-517-373-3543

Mailing Address:

Senator Randy Richardville

Room 106 Capitol building

P.O. Box 30036, Lansing Mi. 48909-7536

Contact Senator Arlan B. Meekhof 

Office E-mail: senameekhof@senate.mi.gov

Office Phone: 1-517-373-6920

Mailing Address:

Senator Arlan B. Meekhof

Room S-8 Capitol building

Lansing Mi.  48909-7536


You can also contact Governor Rick Snyder here to ask for his support as well.


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2 thoughts on “Logan’s Law Moving Forward in Michigan

  1. Cathy Connolly July 7, 2014 at 7:43 am Reply

    What great news!! This should be law in the entire US.

  2. […] read about this law here and how you can help it move […]

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