Saginaw County Animal Control Fined $16,550 for Violations and Fate of Animal Control Director in Hands of County Commissioners


Saginaw County has been notified that it could face fines of up to $16,550 for a laundry list of violations at the county-run animal shelter, a document from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development reveals.

The document, titled a “stipulation” by the department, enumerates violations including improper animal adoption practices, issues with an animal’s cage that led to its death and 83 instances where the shelter killed dogs or cats before the state-mandated, four-day stray hold expired. Read more about this here.

Kevin Wilken, the Saginaw County Animal Control director who has collected more than $24,000 for not coming to work while the state investigates the animal shelter, soon may learn his fate.

The Board of Commissioners will convene a special meeting at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 28, to discuss the status of the county’s animal control director. The purpose of the session? To “consider job performance and employment status of the Animal Control director.” Read more about this here.

Click the link below for the letter from the Dept. of Agriculture listing the specific violations of the animal shelter: saginaw fines


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