More Veterinarians Sign On to the AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project

AC PAW has been talking with area veterinarians so that more of them will participate with their Spay & Neuter Project. AC PAW is providing low cost options for spaying and neutering in the counties of Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Benzie, Antrim and Kalkaska. For more about their program, click here.

They now have ten veterinarians who are working with them to offer spay/neuter discounts. The participating veterinarians include: Mancelona Veterinary Hospital, Animal Medical Center, Northwood Animal Hospital, Bay West Animal Clinic, Suttons Bay Vet Clinic, Elk Rapids Vet Clinic, Torch Lake Vet Clinic, Kalkaska Animal Hospital, Brookside Vet Hospital, Platte Lake Vet Hospital, Long Lake Animal Hospital and East Bay Animal Hospital.

Having more veterinary clinics on board means more options for pet owners and the ability to choose veterinarian they are comfortable with in their area.

You can visit the AC PAW Spay & Neuter Project website here.


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