Braveheart – AC PAW’S Christmas Miracle

Brave Heart

Braveheart is an AC Paw Christmas Miracle. He was found nearly buried and alive in a snowbank. It is fate that a sister of one of their volunteers decided to take a second trip to her mailbox. Even though she had already picked up the mail that day, something made her go back. She saw a black spot in the snowbank by her mailbox. To her surprise, she saw movement. When she approached the cat, she heard a cry for help. She quickly got some towels, wrapped him up and rushed Braveheart to Bay Area Animal Hospital. He was barely alive. They could not get a temperature reading.

Braveheart was hypothermic, dehydrated, anemic and going into kidney failure. His red blood cell count was extremely low and he was starving to death. He weighed barely four pounds. He also had an abcess in his mouth. AC PAW will never know how long he was buried. He had probably been covered or thrown by a snow plow. Bay Area felt his chance of survival was slim, but AC PAW believed that this special kitty deserved a chance to live. He was put on IV fluids, given a blood transfusion, antibiotics and surrounded by warming pads. At first he had to be syringe-fed. Bay Area felt he hadn’t eaten in some time.

Brave Heart4

Braveheart has made a remarkable recovery. The first day he even got up to use his litterbox. His temperature was brought up to nearly normal. His red blood cell count is up and he is eating on his own. Within five days, he was ready to go to a foster home.

Braveheart (4)

Braveheart is a special needs kitty that will need a very special home. He does have kidney disease and will have to remain on a specific diet. He has tested positive for FIV which means he has to be an only cat or live in a home with other cats that have tested positive for FIV. He will be in a foster home during his recovery. He has a long road ahead. AC PAW is not sure about Braveheart’s age. Because he was so sick it is hard to tell how old he is, but the vet thinks he could be around six or seven years old. His left ear lays flat. The vet feels it is either from birth, injury or a previous infection.

Braveheart is a survivor and a trooper. He is a sweet gentle cat that has so much love to give. AC PAW is hoping that a very special person will open up their heart and give this guy a second chance at life. This special kitty deserves that chance.

For more information about Braveheart, please contact AC Paw at If you would like to help pay for his care, a donation can be sent to:  A C Paw/Braveheart, P.O. Box 94, Acme, Michigan 49610.


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One thought on “Braveheart – AC PAW’S Christmas Miracle

  1. Crystal January 12, 2014 at 8:34 pm Reply

    Thanks to AC Paw for the chances they take with the animals. They go out of their way so many times. Thanks to their foster families.

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