Gabriel: A Special Christmastime Rescue

gabriel earlier

On Friday, December 13th, this Doberman collapsed on someone’s porch, dehydrated and emaciated. The people who found him took him to the Osceola County Animal Shelter where he would be warm, he would be fed, he would be seen by a vet and receive much needed attention and love. Looking at his condition, it’s quite possible that he wouldn’t have survived the night with the cold temperatures and his lack of food. The weather caused damage to his feet pads, the ends of his ears and nose. He had no collar, license or microchip and no one reported him as missing.

He was named Gabriel by the shelter and they believe he was sent to them to remind everyone of all the other animals who may be looking to get out of the cold. Even after all this poor dog has been through, he is very trusting and full of love.

He is doing much better now and almost back to his correct weight. Many people have come forward with donations of blankets, moist food and vitamins to help Gabriel get back to health and he is expected to have a complete recovery.

photo credit: Jayne Richmond Photography

photo credit: Jayne Richmond Photography

The people who found Gabriel have expressed an interest in adopting him as they believe he collapsed on their door for a reason. Everyone hopes that Gabriel will be in his new home shortly after the near year.


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