All Natural Pet Store Opens in Traverse City

There’s a new pet store in Traverse City and it’s all natural. Pets Naturally, owned by dog lover Kathy Hyland, is a premiere health food store for your pets. They sell only foods, treats and toys that are 100% safe, made lovingly in the United States and Canada, chosen specifically by their knowledgeable staff. Their mission is to guide pet owners into making the right decisions when it comes to feeding their four-legged friends.

Andrea Margelis, Jessie Mack and owner, Kathy Hyland

Jessie Mack, Owner Kathy Hyland and Manager Andrea Margelis

When Hyland’s Boston Terrier, Lucy, became sick with intestinal and skin problems, (PHOTO OF KATHY WITH LUCY & BEN) she decided to find out for herself what was going on with Lucy. She spent time researching pet foods and was shocked to find out some of the truths about the pet food industry. Many of the major commercial brands are owned by corporate giants and the quality of pet food has been compromised to make way for profits. Lucy’s diet was changed to a healthy, whole food kibble containing real meat and no corn. Her issues subsided. This is where Hyland’s passion to help other pets was born. Lucy is now a healthy and active 12-year-old. 

Hyland also owns Cash n Carry Flooring and previously owned Floor Covering Brokers. She has lived in Traverse City for over 30 years and is looking forward to meeting pets and their owners at the store (yes, dogs are allowed!)

Traverse City resident Murphy came to check out the store with his owners

Traverse City resident Murphy came to check out the store with his owners

Manager Andrea Margelis is also a dog lover. In fact, she has three of them! Margelis grew up in a family that emphasized that health began with the food you ate and that idea carried through to how they fed their pets. As a child, her mother owned a vitamin store which educated her on different supplements, herbs, and how to heal yourself through quality food. She grew up with several different pets from hamsters to horses. She has a business degree and worked at a veterinary hospital for over four years. Her experiences have helped her develop the belief that the right food, supplements, and health care are key to a happy and healthly pet. She shares her life with her husband and their three dogs; a Plott Hound, and two lab mixes.

Pets Naturally carries many lines of high quality healthy pet foods including dry kibble, canned food, freeze dried and raw frozen. All of their foods are free of animal byproducts, corn and artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. They carry Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Holistic Select, Honest Kitchen, Tuscan Natural, Earthborn Holistic, Zignature and more. They also carry treats, nutritional supplements, bones, toys, leashes, collars, beds and much more.

Pets Naturally is at 1420 S. Airport in Traverse City, right next to Ace Buyers and conveniently open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. Their phone number is 231-944-1944.

Facebook site here.


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One thought on “All Natural Pet Store Opens in Traverse City

  1. Pete Rayner January 14, 2014 at 9:36 am Reply

    Great looking store!

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