Plans for a Cadillac Dog Park Continue to Move Forward

Mr. Bill Allen has been working hard trying to get a dog park in Cadillac. He found a location that the City is already maintaining and spoke with the City about what’s needed to move ahead with the idea. He has put together an Advisory Committee for this project and recently had a meeting at the Cadillac Municipal Complex with interested Cadillac residents, including Mayor Bill Barnett. The dog park group is called the “Diggins Hill Committee” but the area for the park would be off Chestnut Street in the grassy area behind the Cadillac Tree Zoo.

Concerned about the safety and health of the dogs visiting the park, Allen feels that a good way to deal with that issue is having a pass system. Unlike the Traverse City dog park (which had a puppy enter with the Parvo virus), a pass system would allow more control over who enters the dog park. A pass system could require a dog owner to prove their dog is vaccinated and healthy before they are given a pass and allowed to enter. A pass system would also allow the City to make money to help maintain the park as well as know how many users are going to the park. Without requiring dog owners to enter with only healthy and vaccinated pets, they are opening up the park to diseases and in the case of Parvo, that virus can live on the ground for anywhere from six months to a year before it is gone.

The next meeting about the dog park will be on January 8th and Allen is also hoping that people are willing to speak to the City Council on January 6th at their meeting to show their support for the park.

If you are interested in joining the efforts of having a dog park in Cadillac, you can email Mr. Allen here: 



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