Breast Cancer Awareness Takes Many Forms at Northwood Animal Hospital

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Northwood Animal Hospital has invited community members and customers to join in a conversation about breast cancer awareness and the crucial role that support plays in recovery. Led by Dr. Jen Klabunde (DVM, CVCP), the local vet and animal hospital has highlighted breast cancer awareness with pet owners, and stressed the importance of taking action as a community to support those fighting cancer.

Northwood Animal Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, and strives to provide exceptional care to animals and their owners. Klabunde, who, in addition to being a certified veterinary chiropractor sits on several local boards, serves as president of the Northern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, and considers community outreach an important part of creating a strong community. Klabunde invited her patients, both two – and four-legged to participate in a conversation regarding breast cancer by sponsoring and participating in “Relay for Life”, “Bark for Life”, and “Bras for a Cause.” Anyone who brought in their pets for a visit in October would also have noticed the bright pink lawn in front of the building, and the large sign highlighting the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness. The goal, says Dr. Klabunde, is to highlight how breast cancer affects everyone within a community – not just those who receive a diagnosis.

Pink lawn

As an active member of her community, Dr. Klabunde is vocal in expressing her support of cancer awareness and of her community. “Fighting cancer takes a huge amount of support,” said Dr. Klabunde, “and our companion animals provide us with an exceptional level of support. This month especially, I really wanted our community to come together and celebrate the bonds of love, compassion, and support that can help a breast cancer survivor thrive and recover.

Northwood Animal Hospital is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited hospital located in Traverse City, Michigan. Information on the veterinary practice and Dr. Jen Klabunde can be found at or call 231-276-6361.


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2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Takes Many Forms at Northwood Animal Hospital

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