Help Get These Kitties Out of the Witness Protection Program!

These great kitties, through no fault of their own, have been undercover, after helping the government put some bad characters behind bars. Because of their heroic deeds, these kitties have been given new identities and are just now coming out of the shadows so that they can go into a loving home.

Some of the hooligans who were incarcerated include “Bugs, the Main Coon” who was a repeat offender, constantly stealing everyone’s cat toys and also “Bruno” the Poodle who seems to think cat tails are similar to rawhide bones. It is with great hesitation and trepidation that these cats come forward when other sinister canines and felines could be targeting them. Because they are in foster homes, they aren’t available for people to meet them at a shelter or an adoption outlet. A select few of you, with high enough security clearance and who have passed a background check, have been chosen to view this article.

Undercover Agent #1 (“Crush”)

Crush is a 10-12 week old male kitten. He was found cold, wet and hungry in a very busy parking lot (probably after being trailed by Bugs). He was brought home by Janice, his foster mom, and is a very playful kitty.

Crush, before and after going into witness protection.

Crush, before and after going into witness protection.

He loves to snuggle and be carried around. He gets along with with Janice’s cats and dogs and would probably make some child a great new best friend. His foster mom would prefer Crush be an inside cat. He was named after the Orange Crush soda pop although he prefers “Crush” because it sounds intimidating! If you are interested, please call Janice 231-876-0183.

Undercover Agent #2 (“Sylvia”)

Sylvia is a special kitty who was rescued from the Wexford County Animal Shelter by Katie, their wonderful pet photographer who donates her time to take great pictures of the dogs and cats there. Sylvia is an American Curl kitty and about two years old. She is spayed and up to date on all of her shots. She has tested negative for feline leukemia. When Sylvia came into the Wexford County shelter, she was suffering from a gun shot wound (really!), a broken leg and a bone infection. She has made a great recovery in her foster mom’s house. She has a permanent limp from her injuries but considers it a “war wound” from her past life as an informant. It doesn’t stop her from exploring and running through the house like any other curious kitty.

I'm innocent. Don't let this photo fool you. I was framed!

I’m innocent. Don’t let this photo fool you. I was framed!

Sylvia absolutely LOVES DOGS and kids but prefers to be the only cat in the house. If you’re looking for a faithful and affectionate new kitty to warm your lap, she is your girl. Sylvia’s adoption fee is only $25. Please call Katie if you are interested at 231-920-2459.

Undercover Agents #3 & 4 (Lenny and Squiggy)

Lenny and Squiggy are tired of being in captivity and ready to take on the world. Their foster mom, Melody, says that Lenny (ginger colored kitty) is playful, bright and always happy to gives lots of kisses. He loves affection. Like any kitten, he loves adventure and finding new toys to play with. Squiggy (tiger gray and brown) is shy and has beautiful eyes. He loves to play but is more reserved with his affections.

Lenny thinks his cool mobster hat will scare off potential hooligans.
Lenny thinks his cool mobster hat will scare off potential hooligans.
Squiggy just thinks the hat is cool and wears it whenever he can.

Squiggy just thinks the hat is cool and wears it whenever he can.

Both kitties are sweet and with time and patience, Squiggy will make a wonderful companion. If you are interested in either of these cats, please contact Melody at


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