Family Looking for Help with Puppy Hit by Car


From the owner:

Meet Zeke, this is our 10mo old puppy & best friend to our one year old son. Two nights ago Zeke was hit by a car who didn’t care enough to stop. Hours later Zeke was found under our porch unable to move. We rushed him to the emergency hospital where They gave him a pain shot and sent him home. The next day we took Zeke to his normal vet where they did xrays and told us his hip was out of place. They attempted to put it back in and ended up breaking his leg at the growth plate (it was fractured and they didn’t see it). He now has to go to an orthopedic surgeon, where they have to cut about an inch of his leg off. They said it will regrow cartilage and he will be able to walk fine about a month after. The problem we have run into is that this surgery will be between $1500 & $1800. We don’t have that kind of money all at once to put down. Also we haven’t been accepted for care credit. All of the organizations such as hannds, hope, all of the vet’s in the area and all of the shelters don’t have the funds or don’t accept payments. I’m getting desperate. I’m out of people to call and have no options to help my poor puppy. Our son and this dog have literally grown up together. We rescued Zeke 2 days before Christmas when he was 5 weeks old from a garage where he was being kept without his mom. Someone left him to die, and we are faced with the same situation not even a year later. I’m feeling helpless and discouraged, like I have no where else to turn.

If you can help, please donate by clicking here.


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