Autumn Has Arrived…and is Looking for a Family!


Autumn was an an owner surrender at a county animal control facility. She was said to be around 11 years old but she acts a lot younger. The owners said they were getting rid of her because of a health issue but it was found all she needed was some inexpensive medication to control her problem.


Autumn gets along great with people and other dogs. She comes when she is called and knows the “sit” command. She is housebroken and crate trained and rides well in a car. She is well behaved in the house and doesn’t jump up on furniture, chew things or bed when you are eating. She does seem to have arthritis in her hips, but this isn’t why she stays off the furniture as she can jump from the ground into a crate in the back of a van without any encouragement. She isn’t on any pain meds right now and doesn’t really seem to need them. Her arthritis is only noticeable on days when she is very active.

Autumn enjoys walks and playing fetch with a tennis ball. She is also a typical “velcro” GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) who likes to follow her foster parents around the house and yard or lie at their feet while they’re working on the computer.



Do you have room in your life to give this older girl a family of her own for her senior years? Autumn is currently being fostered in Midland, Michigan but is available for adoption through the Illinois Shorthair Rescue

You can fill out an adoption application for her here


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