Dumped out of a Truck, Norman Looks for the Road to Happiness

The people who brought Norman to AC PAW in March said they watched a truck drive into their neighborhood, dump Norman out, and leave. It’s hard to imagine someone doing that.

Normie on the comforter

Norm had a badly abscessed tooth that had to be extracted. Since then his appetite has returned, he’s put on weight, and he is much healthier than when he was pushed out of the truck. He has been in a foster home where he gets love and good care, but there are several other cats, both fosters and home pets, which makes the place a little hectic sometimes for Norm. He would be happiest in a home where he is the only adult cat, and he can sit quietly on a lap and be petted. His foster mom says when Norm sits in her lap, he stretches his paw up to her shoulder and tucks his head in near her heart. He also likes to bat a toy around occasionally. Norm has a wonderful, scratchy, rough voice. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, it’s pretty funny. Norm is a quiet, watchful cat. He has a very soulful, wise expression. It’s like living with Yoda.

Norman has had a bit of a rough time lately. It would sure be nice if he could find a home that he can trust. He’ll be a great companion.

Normie on the hearth 2

Norman has been neutered, tested, and vaccinated. See records from Banfield, Northwood, and Grand Traverse vets. Norman is a five year old male with extra toes. Call (231) 587-0738 if you’re interested in adopting Norman – if if you have a cat-free home and would like to foster him.


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