More than Two Dozen Cats Rescued from Abandoned Home in Mio

Information from the Shelley Olree’s Shelter Webpages…

The SOS recieved a call on August 13th desperately asking for help. A home rented to an individual was found abandoned in Northern Michigan with 20-30 cats and kittens left inside. It is known that the renter had vacated the home and left no food or water, for at least three weeks before being discovered.

We are in the process now, of removing the cats from the home and deplorable conditions and putting them in temporary housing until they can be evaluated, tested, and completely vetted before getting them in foster homes to be adopted out.

We need HELP! We are expecting the vetting for each individual cat to cost approximately $100. We are asking our feline loving fans to please make a donation to Operation Me-Ow Mi-O so that we can help these kitties on to a better life. To donate click here.


Say “Hi” to Zeus of Operation Me-ow Mi-o. Now no longer a number he has a name to go with those beautiful copper eyes of his. Here is what his foster momma, Chris has to say about him.

Zeus, day 3. August18,2013

It is so hard to take pictures of this boy…all he wants is to be touched and loved on. He has come a long way,but still has a long way to go.He will make some family a wonderful kitty for sure.He still hides when I go in the room,but where it took me a long time to try and coax him out, he now comes right out to greet me. Couldn’t stand his smell any longer so Friday night he got a bath ! He smells much better (not like that stinky house) and his coat is soft.He is eating good and using the litter box. I think he has some Exotic in him somewhere….he has that flat face and round eyes, and pardon me Exotic lovers, but that grumpy Exotic look. He is such a sweetheart and has already captured my heart. Zeus is missing 4 teeth, but no matter…we love him to pieces anyhow:)

To keep up with how the cats are doing click here.

The Shelley Olree’s Shelter (SOS) offers shelter and hope for homeless cats and kittens. SOS was conceived in 2008 when I housed 19 cats and kittens that needed homes, had them spayed and neutered and then proceeded to successfully re-home them all. I was hooked! We renovated the upper portion of our 2 story garage, currently has 3 separate foster rooms, 2 of which are used to house the newcomers in isolation until I am certain they are in good health.


One thought on “More than Two Dozen Cats Rescued from Abandoned Home in Mio

  1. Laura January 26, 2016 at 3:02 pm Reply

    Hi I was just wondering if any of the cats resuced were ready for homes

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