AC Paw Offers Dog House Building Workshop

A dog’s home is his or her castle – or at least it should be. But the sad reality is that a lot of dogs are tied out with little or no shelter like the one in the photo below.


Temperatures can vary over 120 degrees over the course of a year. In the winter, it can get to -20 below zero or lower with the wind chills. And in the summer, it can be over 100 degrees with the heat index. We want to make life better for those dogs who have to live outside.

On Saturday, August 24th from 1 to 4 pm, AC PAW will be working with Lowes in Traverse City to host a Dog House Building Clinic.

Lowes staff will walk participants through each step in the design and construction process and there will be tips and tricks on measuring, cutting, fixing and fastening elements. A finished dog house will also be on display. Come to learn for yourself or to make houses for needy pets in the community. There will also be a dog house contest in the future that you can enter. If you are interested in participating in this clinic or helping AC PAW with their Dog Housing Project in any way, please contact Brian here.



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One thought on “AC Paw Offers Dog House Building Workshop

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