The Animals at the Oakland County Animal Shelter Finally Received Temporary Air Conditioning Due to Generous Donor

Imagine being a dog or cat dumped off at an animal shelter by your owners. What a sad and depressing day for you. And what if you happened to be dropped off on a hot day when it was 90 degrees out and you were left at the Oakland County Animal Shelter where there is no air conditioning. The 400+ animals who were there the week of July 15th, 2013 had to contend such such conditions. Some community members stepped up with kiddie pools and portable air conditioners. And luckily, the founder and president of the Detroit Bus Company in Ferndale has donated a 20-ton portable air conditioning unit and diesel generator to the Center for the rest of the summer.

The Executive Office of Oakland County reported that after seeing several media reports about no A/C at the Center, Didorosi wanted to help. He said that after he rescued his dog Mel, a pit/terrier mix off the streets of Detroit, he became aware of the hard work staff and volunteers at animal rescues and shelters do with limited funds.

“I saw a need and thought if I could contribute in anyway, I should. It’s my way of giving back,” Didorosi said. “I’m trying to facilitate people who are doing amazing work.”

Didorosi said it will cost him $18,000 per month to run the air conditioning unit. He plans on holding a fundraiser on to defray some of his expenses.

The building that houses the Oakland County Animal Shelter is quite old and wasn’t ever designed for air conditioning. It’s typically fine when used normally, but the animal shelter is seeing record numbers of dogs and cats through their doors as people are abandoning their little friends faster than ever due to economic conditions.

After the summer, a long-term solution will need to be addressed so the animals won’t be in this situation again.

Didorosi is not the only one who stepped forward the past couple of days. Several loaned the Center stand-alone A/C units including Bass Pro Shops, Vonda Murany, and Cindy Savoy; Center employee Shelley Meffer and her husband Jake gave a chest freezer; and Kilburns Rental Equipment and Joshua Helmle both supplied box fans.


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