Grand Traverse County Dogs Now Housed at the Cherryland Humane Society

It’s been a smooth transition for the collaboration between Grand Traverse County and the Cherryland Humane Society (CHS) now that the dogs are being housed at the Humane Society. The dogs are being kept in a much more spacious, cleaner and healthier environment. The dogs also have dog beds and are allowed to have toys to keep them busy such as tennis balls. Although CHS is sharing their toys with the Grand Traverse County Animal Control dogs, you can also donate toys specifically to the Grand Traverse County Animal Control dogs if you wish. This new collaboration allows dog owners a better opportunity to find lost pets as well as giving the public an easier way to adopt unclaimed animals.

The dog housing area consists of a space for the Animal Control Officers to do paperwork, a cleaning station and dog kennels, some of which are also used for Leenlanau County and the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa Indians who also have contracts with CHS.

There is enough space to be flexible with the amount of kennels needed as space is required. This wing of dog kennels has its own air flow zone separate from the other dogs in the building, which controls airborne viruses and presents disease.

If you find a stray dog that is NOT wearing a license, you can bring that dog directly to the Humane Society. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday 11 am to 3 pm. You can also call Animal Control during business hours at 231-995-6080. Animal Control Officers Ed Hickey and Cindy Burckhardt will pick up stray dogs and continue to investigate violations of animal law and rescue sick, injured, stray or endangered animals.

If the dog is found WITH a license during business hours, you can call Animal Control or the County Treasurers office as they have a database of licensed dog owner information. Their number is 231-922-4735. After normal business hours, you should call Central Dispatch’s non-emergency number at 231-922-4550.

Licensing: Helping Reunite Dogs with their Owners

One of the BEST ways to ensure a lost pet can be identified, is by making sure a CURRENT dog license is worn at ALL times.  Not only are licenses legal proof that a dog belongs to you, but they are an excellent way for Animal Control, or any other individual, to know if an animal has been vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, licenses allow for a lost or found pet to be returned to their rightful owner as soon as possible. Licensing your dog is also the law. Michigan law requires all dogs, four months or older, to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed in the county in which the dog resides. There are no state or local laws requiring cats to be licensed, however many veterinarians, counties and animal shelters highly recommend cats be vaccinated against rabies and other common diseases.

You can purchase a dog license from most local veterinarians or at the Grand Traverse County Treasurer’s Office. You can purchase one, two or three year licenses. You need the license to prove that your dog has a current rabies vaccination. In addition to that, it provides identification when your dog is lost or possibly injured and in need of medical attention. It also provides evidence of ownership if your dog is stolen. If you have just moved and your dog is licensed in another county, the Grand Traverse County’s Treasurer’s office will give you a Grand Traverse County license at no charge.

New Location for Grand Traverse Country Animal Control (Offices only)

The County’s Animal Control offices have been moved to the Public Services Building on LaFranier Road.

  • NEW Phone: 231-995-6080
  • NEW Fax: 231-995-6033
  • NEW Address at the Public Services Building: 2650 LaFranier Road, Traverse City, MI  49686
  • Hours:  8:30am-5:00pm, closed weekends & holidays.

New Location for Sheltering of County Dogs – Cherryland Humane Society

  • Phone Number: 231-946-5116
  • Address: 1750 Ahlberg Road, Traverse City, MI  49686
  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 11:00am-5:00pm, Saturdays 11:00am – 3:00pm,
    Closed Sundays and major holidays.

One thought on “Grand Traverse County Dogs Now Housed at the Cherryland Humane Society

  1. Petric Numsdom July 15, 2013 at 4:57 am Reply

    Awesome facilities for dog. Hope travelers enjoy their services for their dogs. Nice to hear that your organisation also provides license for pets.

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