A New Start on Life – Handds to the Rescue Takes on 21 of the Missaukee County Puppy Mill Dogs

Three years after Handds to the Rescue was made aware of the conditions of the dogs at the John D. Jones Kennel in Lake City, things have come full circle. Now they are directly involved in rescuing, rehabbing and adopting some of these dogs as well. Handds to the Rescue have received 21 of the dogs taken from the Jones puppy mill on Thursday, May 23rd. They currently have six Shiba Inus, one Border Collie and 14 Jack Russell Terriers.


Every puppy mill survivor is different and they will need lots of love, understanding and patience. They might have limitations from years of learned behavior but that doesn’t make them “broken”, it makes them special.

Handds to the Rescue will be in need of monetary donations for this rescue as well as metal food  bowls and puppy pads. They’ll also need funding to spay and neuter all the dogs. They’ll be vet checked by Dr. Brakeman at the Banfield Pet Hospital in Petsmart to make sure they don’t have any pressing medical needs. There are two Jack Russell Terriers who are also pregnant so puppy food will be needed in the future as well. And yes, that also means Jack Russell Terrier puppy adoptions will happen in the near future! You can make a monetary donation here. They have requested donations of Science Diet small breed dog food as they are going through it very quickly.




Please do not call Handds about adopting these dogs yet as they are evaluating all of them so that they can be placed in the right foster or forever homes. You can keep up with Handds on their Facebook page here.

If you are interested in donating supplies or dog food or are available as a foster, please call Patti at 231-645-6040. If you ARE interested in fostering or adopting one of these dogs, you can fill out an application heres here:





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One thought on “A New Start on Life – Handds to the Rescue Takes on 21 of the Missaukee County Puppy Mill Dogs

  1. Dawn May 28, 2013 at 3:52 pm Reply

    May I have more information about the Border Collie please. Thank you

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