The Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City is Now on Facebook

Pet Friends Magazine was very excited to learn that the Cherryland Humane Society is now on Facebook. You can “like” their page here.

Being on Facebook will allow them to interact with the public more and animal lovers will be able to more easily share their animals with other people. Due to the way the CHS website is built, when an animal is posted with a direct link to their page, the photo of the animal usually didn’t appear on a Facebook page. Because people will more easily fall in love with an animal’s photo instead of their information, being able to share their pictures on Facebook is a great improvement for the shelter.

This Facebook site is also a great place to post lost and found animals so that everyone can share the information with as many people as possible.

In addition to this new step for the shelter, they are also working to enhance their computer and communication technology. They received new printers that were donated by Laser Printer Technologies and re restructuring some of their computer programs to provide better efficiency, including new volunteer software donated by Dwight Tinker. They also plan on using new programs to help with their animal tracking and other business functions for the shelter.


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