Help Needed to Care for Cats Taken Out of Horrible Hoarding Situation South of Three Rivers…

Donations are Desperately Needed

(Warning: Graphic Photos)


Independent animal rescuers received a plea for help via Facebook for a woman who was reported by a friend as “in over her head.” They visited the home on Wednesday, May 22nd and found that there were more cats involved than they thought and the conditions were much worse than previously stated. There were no litter boxes, cats and kittens were running around everywhere and most of them were in bad health.


There were 17 kittens who were signed over and immediately taken to be seen by Dr. Bruce Withers at Eighth Street Vet in Kalamazoo. These kittens were all between the age of six and eight weeks old and are currently in foster care through under the care of Dr. Withers (not at the clinic). They all have severe ear mite infestation, worms, fleas and varying degrees of eye infections and ulcerations. One black kitty was unable to be saved by the veterinarian because of its condition. Some of the kittens are underweight and dehydrated. None of them are healthy enough to be spayed or neutered but once they are healthy enough they will get fixed and vaccinated.

For the “healthier” of the kittens, the minimum cost to take care of these kitties will be around $75 JUST to get them FIV/FeLV tested and fixed. For the kittens with the more severe eye issues, they are looking at potential surgeries to remove the eyes starting at $150 each, which would have to happen prior to spay/neuter surgeries.




To help with medical expenses for these 17 kittens, please contact Eight Street Vet Clinic, 624 S. 8th Street, Kalamazoo MI 49009, 269-375-9461, to make a donation directly to the “kitten fund.” All donations will go for the ongoing medical care of these kittens. You can also call them at 269-375-9416.

Still in the house with the hoarder are two nursing moms with ten kittens and also 15 adults, all around a year old, one with major medical issues.

The three rescuers are also looking for LICENSED rescues to help with the remaining two moms and 10 kittens as well as 15 adults. If you are a LICENSED rescue that can help with foster placement please contact Please note “Hoarding Case” in the subject line.



The owner of the home is working cooperatively with them to get the cats out of the home and to where they will get much needed vet care and long-term placement. The proper authorities are already involved and the home owner will be receiving help through local welfare agencies. The goal is to get all of the cats out of the home ASAP and into safe foster homes where they will receive immediate vet care and be in safe, clean living conditions.

A Facebook page has been set up to track the progress of the kittens and have a centralized location for updates. Click here to follow the kitties.

Please donate to help these kittens. The Facebook reports that donations are not being received. The three individuals who saved these cats cannot afford to go alone paying for all of this.

UPDATE May 25th:

From: Sarah Gerstner, Mary Morales and Darline McDaniel

On Friday afternoon, we removed two moms nursing 9 kittens (one had passed away before we got there) and four young adults. They are all in foster. On Thursday evening, the black female kitten with both eyes severely ulcerated passed away.

All of the cats and kittens removed from the home thus far have been examined by Eighth Street Vet and are receiving medical care.

The most common problems are severe ear mites, flea infestation, worms and conjunctivitis to varying degrees. The adults have contact dermatitis and some open wounds due to scratching. All of the cats are underweight.

Our immediate needs are as follows:

1. Donations towards medical care at Eighth Street Vet.

2. Foster placement and rescues to help with the cats remaining in the house. It is estimated between 8 and 12 young adults are still in the house. Contact if you can help.

3. Canned and dry Royal Canin “Baby Cat” food

4. Kitty Litter that is newspaper based such as Yesterday’s News

We are hoping to have placements arranged for the remaining cats early in the week and have them removed on Wednesday. Local authorities are letting us work with the home owner to remove the cats and then all of the documentation will be handed over.

5/28/13 Update

From: Sarah Gerstner and Mary Morales

First, we would like to thank everyone for their support over the last week: Eighth Street Vet for the amazing care you have given to both the kittens and adults; Gobles Vet for donating spay/neuter services; Karen King for your dedication and commitment to helping not only these but all of the cats and dogs in need; our dedicated foster homes—we couldn’t save as many lives without you opening your hearts and homes; the rescues who have stepped forward to help—thank you for all that you do for the animals in need of a loving, caring place to call home even if only for a little while; all those who have donated and all those who have shared our story. We could not be doing any of this without your help and support!

Later this week we will be pulling the remaining young adults from the hoarding house. They have an appointment to be seen by the vet for an initial intake exam as well as to be FIV/FeLV tested and then will be going to a short term foster until they are healthy enough to be spayed and neutered. We are still looking for rescues willing to help take the young adults. The first group of kittens pulled are staying in their current foster until they are cleared by the vet. Some will be transferred to rescues who have offered to help and some will be staying with the foster until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered, then will be available for adoption. The youngest kittens still nursing with the two moms will be staying in foster together until they are weaned at which time they will either be transferred to rescues or fosters until they are old enough to be tested, spayed/neutered and put up for adoption. The two kittens with the severe eye issues are staying with an experienced foster and will continue treatment at Eighth Street with Dr. Withers. We do however have interested rescues for these special needs kittens that we will be looking into later this week.

If you are interested in adopting any of the cats or kittens from this case, please send an e-mail to with the subject “Hoarding Case Adoption Request.” Sarah will send you an application. Once you return the application for review, we will get started with the screening process at which time someone will be calling you. All applications will be reviewed in a timely manner. Please be sure you meet the following requirements before you submit an application:

• All animals in the house are spayed and neutered.

• All animals in the house are up to date on vaccinations and vet care.

• Your potential adoptee will be INDOORS only.

PLEASE NOTE–if you do not meet these requirements, we will not consider your application for adoption in this case.

Our current needs are as follows:

1. Donations towards medical care at Eighth Street Vet

2. Rescues to help with the young adult cats

3. Canned and dry Royal Canin “Baby Cat” food

4. Kitty Litter that is newspaper based such as Yesterday’s News

5. Adopters for all cats and kittens


From: Sarah Gerstner

Paypal account set up.

All donations will go towards the care of the 24 kittens and 18+ adults. If you prefer to go buy an item and donate it, we are in desperate need of Royal Canin Baby Cat food, Purina One Indoor Cat (for the adults), and newspaper based litter. Please contact me if you have any questions about donations. PLEASE SHARE THIS! Thanks for all of your help and support. We couldn’t be doing this without your generosity!! Click here.


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One thought on “Help Needed to Care for Cats Taken Out of Horrible Hoarding Situation South of Three Rivers…

  1. Ashley O'Brien September 30, 2015 at 11:30 pm Reply

    How the hell did this happen !!!! I thought I was a pretty hard sorta bloke, but when I saw those poor kittens I cried…what the hell is wrong with people to allow conditions to get that bad? I hope to hell that those people are prosecuted and never allowed the privilege of owning pets ever again. It must be heartbreaking for veterinarians who have to see this horror . Its things like this that make me hate the human race-because we do know better. Legislation has just been passed in New Zealand that states animals are sentient, meaning new levels of care and responsibility, and prosecution, and it’s about time!

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