Fabulous Dogs Looking for Fabulous Homes

Hello everyone. My name is Moose and I am a dog. When my dad was asked to tell Pet Friends Magazine about us, I thought who better than me to tell all of you about me and my sister, Ginger. We are both Shih Tzus and are looking for a great, loving family to live with. I am 15 years old and Ginger is 10. But don’t let our ages fool you. Although my doctor told my dad I’m starting to get Cataracts in my eyes, I am otherwise in great shape and so is my sister.


Our dad is very sad that he has to find a new home for us. Because of a divorce, we had to move into a smaller place and dad can’t care for us on his own because he is away from home for his job most of the week. We love each other very much and he has promised to find us a great home where we will be loved just as much as we are now. Me and Ginger come as a package deal and promise to be on our best behavior in our new home (well, at least I do!)

Dad got us both as puppies. We were from different litters but have the same bio dad. I am the mellow one. I like to play for five or ten minutes and then I’ll find a place to hang out. Me and Ginger both love car rides and we’re learning how to walk on a leash (our old house had a fenced-in yard). Dad calls me a lover. I love everyone – anyone can pet me. I’ll bring you my favorite toy and I’ll even “talk” to you.

My sister Ginger likes to play and run around. Her and dad “play fight” all the time for fun. Ginger will pretend growl at dad with her tail wagging but she’s not upset about it – she loves to play this game. She loves to be with dad and follow him around to see what he’s up to. We both get along with other dogs but we don’t know if we like cats or not because we’ve never been around them.

ginger_moose1 moose_ginger2

Dad lives in Traverse City and is looking for a special family to take care of his special family – us. So if you are looking for two great dogs and don’t mind dad doing a home check to make sure his babies are going to be okay, please email him at bwfrain@aol.com or call him at 231-392-3858. He’d love to tell you all about how wonderful we are!


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