Pet Celebration of Life – Honoring the Memories

Great Lakes Pet Memorial will be hosting a Pet Memorial Service for the many people whose lives have been enriched by the amazing pets they have had the opportunity to share time with. This unique service will be held at Living Hope Church on S. Airport Rd in Traverse City on Thursday, May 30th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. It is sponsored by Great Lakes Pet Memorial & Crematory in Traverse City and it is a Remembrance & Healing Ceremony. It is open to the public with no charge to attend.

“As a Pet Loss Professional I have experienced many years of joy and pain through the eyes of our local community. I have shared tears and quiet sorrow with so many loving pet owners after losing a beloved furry family member”, says Kerri Collier, owner of Great Lakes Pet Memorial & Crematory in Traverse City. “To pet people, pets are members of the family”…so we are taking that one step further to recognize that the loss of a pet, would be for some, very much a family loss.” For many people, pets fill a profound emotional need. They provide a source of unconditional love and acceptance and that few humans could match… that love which a pet shares with their owner is a meaningful bond.” “The service is designed to offer peace and comfort by bringing together fellow animal lovers in this unique opportunity to remember and honor those that brought so much joy into our lives”.

There is no charge to attend the service; which is open to the public in hopes of providing support and healing. There will be guest speakers, poem readings and a Rainbow Bridge video tribute during the ceremony.

Attendees are encouraged to email a photo of their pet to be included in a slideshow as part of the ceremony.

“The loss of a pet is a huge loss to many individuals and families, and needs to be afforded the sensitivity that we would offer any major loss in our life. In this unique service we will gather around the memories to offer hope and comfort for those who are grieving the loss of a pet” – Kerri Collier

For more information, please visit , email or call (231) 421-1370 


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