Pine Cone Farm Rescues 13 Pomeranians

Thirteen lovable Pomeranians now have a chance to live a regular life thanks to the rescue efforts of Pine Cone Farm, an animal rescue organization outside of Traverse City.

The dogs were surrendered to Pine Cone by a “back yard breeder” in Antrim County who still has about 25 dogs left that she will probably sell or continue to breed. After hearing about the breeder from a friend of the family, Pine Cone was able to rescue 13 of the dogs after the woman’s daughter and son talked her into releasing some of them, who ranged in age from two to 12 years old. The breeder keeps the males outside and the females inside. These situations are typical of breeders who sell over Craigs list and the internet and are not regular dog owners. Their animals are investments to make future money, but they usually don’t keep their investments in good conditions. They are considered property, not pets.

When Pine Cone got the Pomeranians, their coats were matted, they had fleas and worms . Some of the dogs also had upper respiratory and ear infections. The dogs that were surrendered were the older and sicker dogs of the group. Pine Cone used their volunteers to get the dogs checked out and gave them baths to get them ready for their adoption event last weekend. They adopted out all the dogs within eight days, after having them sterilized.

Volunteers help to wash and groom the dogs

Volunteers help to wash and groom the dogs

The Pine Cone Facebook page shows Devyn Mathias as adopting one of the rescued dogs whose name was Black Jack (now Bear.) She says, “he looks like a bear cub and is loving and very sweet. He has a great home now. My younger sister is three and she adores him. He is still pretty nervous and anxious, but I am sure that he will adjust and his personality will show very soon. Thank you for giving my family and I this wonderful opportunity. He is loved and always will be.”

Black Jack

Black Jack

Antrim County is aware of backyard breeder and has been supposedly trying for years to close her down. Hopefully now that this situation has been made public, they will be more expedient in using the court system to do that – or work with her to release the rest of her dogs.

Pine Cone Farm would like to thank the community for all the help, including AC Paws and Cherryland Humane for their donations and a special thanks to Stuart Everett  DVM and his staff of Clark-Everett Animal Hospital for volunteering their time and talents in helping with these little dogs who now have a future as pets rather than puppy makers.

If you have any questions about the dogs or about the rescue you can contact  Linda Gottwald at Pine Cone Farm at  231-944-6520.


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