Cherryland Humane Society/Grand Traverse County Animal Control Agreement Passes Unanimously

On Wednesday, April 24th, the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the dog boarding agreement between Grand Traverse County and the Cherryland Humane Society. This vote was made after another unanimous vote was made in favor of the contract by the Grand Traverse County Ways & Means Commission on April 17th.

The start date for the Humane Society to start boarding the County’s dogs could be as soon as June 1st; however, that is still being worked out between the County and the Humane Society.

Click on cherryland agreement for the current contract that was voted on.

According to Administrator, Dave Benda, the agreement includes provisions that specify a broad range of the Humane Society’s responsibilities, including placement and release, euthanasia, care and feeding, maintenance of the kennels, emergency treatment and fee collections.

The base boarding fee is $2,262.00 per month ($27,144 a year) and is based on a previous five-year average of 343 animals. If the number of county animals received by the Humane Society exceeds 343, the county agrees to pay an additional $10 per day per additional animal.

Benda also states that based upon previous year activity, the new agreement is estimated to cost the county an additional $5,000 per year. However, it will also allow the two Animal Control Officers to spend an additional 3-5 hours per day in the field addressing concerns and inquiries of the public. The public will have expanded access to find lost or adoptable animals six days per week in a single location.

Pet Friends Magazine endorsed this agreement and looks forward to the dogs having a much better living environment while they are waiting to be reunited with their families – or go up for adoption.


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