Garfield Township Approves Plans for New Dog Park

Garfield Township is planning for a new dog park in the Silver Lake Recreation Area this year. The map below shows the location of where it will be located, in an estimated area of 2.5 acres. According to WTCM, who first announced the new park, plans are in the works to talk with the people who built the TC Dog Park about their rules and policies and a fundraising effort will also begin soon.


According to the Garfield Township website, desire for a dog park was one of the most popular comments received in the public input phases of the Master Plan to be developed. This fenced off-leash dog area will be a popular regional amenity and is also anticipated to reduce the recurring problem of people walking their pets off-leash in other areas of the park (which is prohibited by ordinance).

Planning and construction of this area will be a collaborative effort with local dog park enthusiasts, who can assist the Township in design and help develop a procedural policy for the park. This off-leash area is intended to be self-policing by the users. Consideration must also be given to providing a water source, perhaps most efficiently with a small well and hand pump. The woodland that this area encloses will need to be maintained, but appropriately thinned and managed.

For more information on how to participate in this process, please contact the Parks and Recreation department. The number for Garfield Township is 231-941-1620.


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