Puppy Protection Act Legislation Re-Introduced

From The Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup of Southeast Michigan

Senators Steve Bieda (D-9) and Rick Jones (R-24) have re-introduced the Puppy Protection Act, SB 117 and SB 118. This package of bills will create a large-scale commercial breeding kennel license and enact annual inspections and standards of care and housing in dog breeding facilities. The bills were referred to the Senate Agriculture Committee and are awaiting their first hearing.

This critical piece of legislation will crack down on puppy mills and put up a roadblock for any puppy mill that’s looking to locate here in Michigan. We will need your help again this year in getting the bills passed.

1. Please share this email with all your dog loving friends.

2. Contact your legislator with a short personalized email or brief phone. Tell them that Michigan cannot become a haven for puppy mills. Ask them to support the Puppy Protection Act ! If your Senator is a sponsor, be sure to thank them.

3. RSVP for Humane Lobby Day April 16th and talk directly with your legislator or staffer. http://www.meetup.com/puppymillawareness/events/79182732/

Our state must ensure that Michigan never becomes a hot spot for mass-produced puppies sold for profit like are close neighbors Ohio (Ranked #5) and Indiana (Ranked #7). Large-scale breeders will have to provide animals with quality housing (no wire floors), a large enclosure space and sanitary conditions, as well as exercise and veterinary care. The bills will also make sure that these facilities are inspected regularly, something many currently avoid by licensing their dogs individually.


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