These Great Pets Deserve a Second Look

This month we are highlighting some great pets who have been at the Roscommon County Animal Shelter for too long. It is through no fault of their own that they have been overlooked. Whether it’s because they are older, need a little extra training or patience, are perceived as the “wrong” breed or they just don’t show well in a shelter environment, they deserve a second look and a chance to spend their lives with loving families. Please take a look at these special pets and share the link with your friends.


Almost hairless and scared to death of everything, Bulls Eye came to Roscommon in March. He had no idea what life was all about. This guy obviously had never felt grass beneath his feet as he was terrified to step off of the cement step into the play yard. After many months of assuring him it was okay, the shelter staff now has him walking like a trooper on a leash, playing with other animals and giving kisses. Bulls Eye is still leary of strangers but will warm up quickly with some patience and love. Bulls Eye is around a year and a half old, neutered and up to date on routine vaccines. Bulls Eye is waiting for his Christmas Miracle, a kind and loving family that will accept his shyness and give him a loving forever home. The shelter staff thinks that Bulls Eye is a Spaniel/Terrier Mix. This boy aims to please and his gentleness and well mannered personality is a winner. Please give Bulls Eye a second chance at life. He is well worth it.


Camo is a Pittbull Terrier around two years old. Camo loves to play with squeaky toys, chases balls and jumps to catch the falling leaves before they hit the ground. Camo has even been known to chase his own shadow (which kept shelter employees laughing for quite some time) Camo is social with other dogs but is picky about the friends he chooses. He prefers females but will play with submissive males. Camo is neutered and up to date on routine vaccines. Camo walks well on a leash, is housebroke, minds well and knows several commands. Camo would make a great addition to your family!


Let us introduce you to Jersi! Her smile says it all. She is super sweet and affectionate. Jersi is around two years old and already spayed. She is housebroken, minds well and loves to be a couch potato when she is done wearing off her daily energy. The shelter staff thinks that Jersi is a Pointer/Lab Mix but she is only around 35-40 pounds, the perfect size for traveling or sharing your lazy boy with. Jersi’s only fault is that she does not want to share her new home with another pet. This girl prefers to be the one and only. If you need someone to help keep you warm this winter, Jersi is your girl!


Scheduled to be euthanized the day a staff member at Roscommon showed to pick up a dog from another shelter, Lady GaGa was saved and taken to the Roscommon shelter. Her life was spared but now she has been at their shelter for several months and wonders when her day will come for adoption. Lady G is only about a year old and still full of puppy energy. She is a very well mannered, knows all her basic commands, but prefers to be the only pet. GaGa is spayed and up to date on routine vaccines. Lady GaGa loves to run and play outside and will spend hours entertaining herself playing with toys. If you are looking for a loyal companion, look no further. Lady GaGa is your girl!


Sadie came into the shelter as no fault of her own. Her owner passed away and family could not keep her. Sadie is a ten year old Fox Hound. She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccines. Sadie does well with other dogs and cats.   She is quiet for a hound but will put her nose to the ground and wander off if you don’t keep a close eye on her. Sadie is a good girl but is getting depressed since she has been at the shelter about six months. This senior deserves a warm bed and to be spoiled in her golden years, not spending the nights alone in the shelter. Help Sadie get out of the shelter today!


Sam is a 16 (yes, 16!) year old female spayed, front declawed owner surrender. Her owner brought her in and said that she could no longer care for her and that she had to let her go. After years of giving joy, love and attention to someone and then your whole word is turned upside down and you are all alone. Sam does not understand why she is at the shelter. She is depressed, as we too would be if we lost everyone we ever cared for. Sam is a beautiful long haired Torti. All she wants to do is lay around and sleep all day. She will not be a bother and would help keep you warm on the cold nights to come. Could someone please find it in their heart during the holiday season to give Sam a second chance at a loving home?

If you are interested in any of these great pets, please call the shelter at 989-366-0260 or email them here. They are located at 1110 Short Drive in Prudenville.


2 thoughts on “These Great Pets Deserve a Second Look

  1. Diane Gardner November 24, 2012 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Does sam the cat adust well with other animals? She is a beautiful senior cat 🙂

  2. Pet Friends Magazine November 24, 2012 at 9:13 pm Reply

    Hi Diane. I am not sure but please give DeeDee a call at the shelter on Monday to ask her about Sam. Their number is 989-366-0260. Let me know how things turn out.

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